” ‘TOuverture’: A Photographic Ode to Turin’s Reawakening post-lockdown, Through the Eyes of Hope.
Unveiling Resilience, One Click at a Time – A Tale of Small Businesses and ‘Shéhérazade’s’ Resonance.
Capturing the Luminous Embrace of Music, As Shadows Give Way to the Promise of Dawn.
Through the Lens, We Weave Compassion, Invention, and the Enduring Human Spirit.

Luce Martini

“#TOuverture: A Pro-Bono Creative Project by Armando Testa, Filarmonica TRT, and La Stampa Foundation – Specchio dei tempi, Supported by Little Bull and Film Commission Torino Piemonte. Celebrating Turin’s Rebirth in the Post-Lockdown Phase 2. Three Minutes of Pure Beauty, a Musical Uplift for the City, and Aid for Small Businesses Affected by the Pandemic.

“A film by Augusto Storero, with cinematography by Stefano Garelli.”

Luce Martini

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