Loki Eyewear x Solari 1933: A Branding Endeavor

Introducing our latest project, where we ventured into a visual journey that beautifully captures the essence of Loki Eyewear‘s collaboration with Solari 1933. This heartwarming campaign features children in a ’60s-inspired setting, bringing out the timeless charm of both brands and their stylish eyewear.”

Luce Martini

“In our latest photographic creation, we drew inspiration from the iconic black and white photos of Brigitte Bardot in the French Riviera during the 1960s. We aimed to capture the timeless and elegant atmosphere of those legendary shots, but with a unique twist. That’s why we chose to feature children in the project to recreate the ambiance and sense of wonder from that era, bringing a fresh and youthful perspective to the images and the two brands involved.”


“SOLARI 1933
Eyewear Boutique
For over 80 years, Ottica Solari has been the hallmark of optical excellence, renowned for its professionalism and impeccable customer service.”

Luce Martini

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